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About us

What ZOPYX stands for

At ZOPYX, customer focus and a service-oriented mindset are more than just marketing talk - they are to be expected as standard. But the personal commitment and technical expertise of our team alone are not sufficient to guarantee the realisation of truly profitable solutions for our customers: only when these are combined with the use of efficient and future-proof technologies can customer benefit be realised and maximised.

ZOPYX therefore makes preferential use of open-source tools like Python, Zope and Plone, which afford several key advantages in comparison with proprietary software.

Free software allows you or your IT service provider to gain access to the source code and modify it according to need. This freedom opens up possibilities far more extensive in scope than those offered by proprietary software. Open-source software can e.g. be customised to meet your individual requirements, or combined with other open-source components to form highly efficient solutions.

Further to the above advantages, free software allows you to operate independently of individual manufacturers and service providers. Additionally, all free software, and in particular Python, Zope and Plone, receives intensive support from a large international developer community, which also attends to its ongoing development. To date, countless hours of work have been devoted to the development of open-source software, standing your project in good stead for success should you choose to utilise it. ZOPYX is your gateway to the virtually limitless knowledge of this international developer community, and is itself well-placed to draw on the knowledge of a highly specialised network of experts at any time.

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Andreas Jung/ZOPYX
Hundskapfklinge 33
D-72074 Tübingen


Tel: +49-7071-793376